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"Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven" radio and TV campaign and store slogan, who helped introduce the Slurpee frozen drink at 7-Eleven stores.

An angry customer shared their experience: "I went last week and bought 2pks of Maverick 100's and paid 30.00. I put it on my debit card and didn't take receicpt because I go paper less. If you send someone in there you will see that he took all the prices off the cigarettes. They are 8 in change per pack. Checked other 7/11's in the area(hospital rd and sunrise hwy and farmingville on n ocean ave) all have prices and none were raised. I won't go back just to get a reciete to send to you. Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven? I dont think so. GO SEND SOMEONE TO CHECK IT OUT"


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George-Bradenton,FL says

"i was unable to log into my account to check balance or due date etc"

El Tío Patrón says

"I applied and Got a message of you have been approved for 1,200 so I signed and accepted the money and got another message saying your money is on the way next business day.. yay 15 min later got an email that i got declined! WHAT A JOKE"

Peter Bruno says

"Just today, they lowered my credit line to its current balance for no reason. During the COVID19 crisis, people may need that extra cash. Shame on them. Also, it can hurt your credit score by now having an account at 100% utilization vs. 40%. They dont care, and are hurting their customers during hard times. Dirty, dirty, dirty."

Tee Wijesiri says

"The worst loans ever. Hope you people go to hell for taking advantage of financially vulnerable people."

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